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Indulge In Smart and Prompt Metal Detection With Secure Tech Security Metal Detectors.
About Us

With rising number of crimes, terrorist activities and thefts in the modern world, ensuring safety of masses has become important more than ever now. It is the reason for the same that in more and more mass gathering locations like railway stations, airports, malls, temples, etc., use of Security Metal Detectors is growing at a huge rate. Sufficing safety needs of customers, we, Secure Tech, proudly introduce advanced technology Walk Through, Hand Held and other detectors. 

Our collection containing Under Vehicle Search Mirror, Multi Zone Door Frame Metal Detector, Baggage Scanner, Door Frame Metal Detector and more security systems, is value for money. We bring forth latest in design, excellent in functionality and easy to operate security detection systems in a number of models, sizes and other specifications. 

As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we believe our true source of success is our customers happiness and satisfaction which is why we have committed to pricing fair and reasonable for all our metal detection products. In addition to aforesaid, we serve Fire Retardant Spray. We also work as a service provider to render Rental Service for Door Frame Metal Detector, Hand Held Metal Detector, X Ray Baggage Scanner and other security maintaining products.

Whom Do We Serve?

We believe security metal detection products are primary tools to maintaining personal and national security. Thus, we introduce, only high technology detectors that allow users to detect knives, blades, pistols, and other sharp objects, that can be a threat to masses. Our assortment containing Under Vehicle Search Mirror, Baggage Scanner, Multi Zone Door Frame Metal Detector and similar advanced products are ideal for airport security checkpoints, government buildings, cinema theater, prison security, malls, special events (Cricket match, Football games, etc.), and more. 

How Are We Excelling?

  • Researching better technologies from time to time for developing better metal detectors for fast and fair detection operations.
  • Focusing on quality production so that all our customers receive sheer quality developed metal detectors against their monetary investment.
  • Maintaining technology based machines to produce defect-free metal detectors in sizes, designs and capacities expected by customers.
  • Introducing new policies to meet requirements of modern customers and attaining their complete satisfaction. 

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